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Darlington It S Like Killing Eve Invades Old Florida Tommy Darlington Is One Hot Mess A Former US Army Airborne Ranger Who Walks Through Life As A Closet Anxiety Depressive He S Also The Largest Distributor Of Pimp Body Parts In The Good State Of Florida, But Only One Man Knows His SecretSarasota S De Facto Hit Man Works For Tampa Bay S Hidden Hand, The Secret Billionaires Who Conduct Their Dirty Business Well Behind The Black Curtain, And Who Have No Issue Killing Anyone Who Gets In The Way Of Their Illegal Business Activities, Including Innocent CitizensOver Time, Darlington Discovers Disturbing Facts About His Bosses, Even Well Beyond His Own Code Of Deathics And Sizable Body Count, And Begins To Grow An Itchy Conscience That Only An Industrial Cheese Grater Can Scratch OffNow On A Personal Mission To Clean Up Tampa Bay, He Encounters All That Is Evil And Crooked, Forever Trying To Bend It Into A Righteous Path For Good People To Respect And FollowStill, You Don T Ever Want To Find Yourself In Darlington S Crosshairs Or On The Business End Of His BladeDarlington Is A Clever And Gripping Thriller For Those Who Love The Taste And Smell Of Old Florida

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