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The Writers Digest Guide to Query Letters Reading The Writers Digest Guide To Query Letters By Wendy Burt Thomas Pocket Bikes.us Make That Crucial, Positive First ImpressionAnyone Who S Researched The Marketplace Knows The Path To Publication Begins With Your Query Letter If Your Query Is Weak, Unfocused, Or Uninspired, An Editor Or Agent Won T Even Bother To Request Your Article, Novel Manuscript, Or Nonfiction Book Proposal But A Well Crafted, Compelling Query Sent To The Right Editor Or Agent Is An Essential Sales Tool For Fiction Writers And The Most Effective Way For Nonfiction Writers To Pre Sell Your Idea.In This Book, Professional Freelance Writer And Magazine Editor Wendy Burt Thomas Shares Practical Advice On How To Craft Persuasive Letters That Connect With Editors And Agents And Ultimately Generate Sales For You You Ll Learn How To Conduct Targeted Research To Find Suitable Editors And AgentsHook An Editor With A Tantalizing Lead And Shape A Summary That Compels Editors To BuySelect The Strongest Slant For Your Book Or ArticleUse Research And Interview Shortcuts That Keep Your Query Prep ProfitableMake Your Query Rejection Proof By Weeding Out Subtle Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your ProjectCommunicate Your Author Platform And Sell Yourself As The Best Writer For The SubjectComplete With Dozens Of Sample Queries Some That Landed Article Assignments, Agents, Or Book Deals, And Others That Never Stood A Chance This Book Offers You A Comprehensive Strategy For Presenting Your Writing Ideas In A Way That Will Increase Your Chances Of Publication Though The Title May Lead Some To Believe It S Strictly To Be Shelved As A Reference Manual, The Writer S Digest Guide To Query Letters Is A Smooth Read From Cover To Cover.

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    You d think there wouldn t be 200 pages worth of material to writing a query letter, but you d be wrong This book is straightforward, practical, and on topic all the way through It sfocused on articles and nonfiction, I d say, so perhaps it s not the best book for fiction queries but for nonfiction, it s pretty stellar.What was particularly useful to me were the numerous examples, both good and bad It s clear that the author has query letters down to a science, and she s not just pushi You d think there wouldn t be 200 pages worth of material to writing a query letter, but you d be wrong This book is straightforward, practical, and on topic all t...

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    In my work as a freelance writer and editor, I don t write query letters So I didn t expect to get a lot from this book The author asked me to review it on my blog, and since I know many of my readers would benefit from help with query letters, I agreed to review it It turned out that I really enjoyed the book The author has a great sense of humor and put it to good use in the book The examples of bad query letters were very helpful, and the var...

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    Do we even write queries any I thought everyone was self publishing However, if you are still going the traditional publishing route, this book is a must have It sums up the process pretty well and will make you a query pro if you want to waste your money on stamps ...

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    Good read I wish it would have focused a littleon queries for fiction as opposed to all the magazine info But there were still things from that I think are applicable to book world I think tis one is going to be helpful.

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    Good guid

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    Liked this and learned a lot of useful stuff.

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    This book was a quick read for me it s not only focusing on query letters for agents like I thought it would be but a big majority of the book concentrates on submitting queries to magazines I skipped those sections and moved on to the sections concerning books, publishers and agents Th...

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    This is my favorite kind of how to book, the kind with a lot of different samples Many authors and agents only give a couple of examples, usually their own or their clients So this one has the advantage of covering a wide range.

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    There s some helpful info here, butthan half the book wasn t applicable to me The info for novelists is good, though If you know nothing about queries, pick this up If you already have a decent understanding of queries, you can skip it.

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    Great book for anyone wanting to dabble into freelance writing Filled with details, sample cover and query letters, what if scenarios and tons of resources The writing is very light and funny but straight to the point Worth every penny.

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