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Snow (Fractured Fairy Tales #6) Read Snow Fractured Fairy Tales 6 By J.E Taylor Pembspm.co.uk Dark Magic Has A Price While The Kingdom S Witches And Warlocks Were Slaughtered To Fulfill The Queen S Insidious Plans, Maggie White, The Last Pureblood Sorceress, Escapes With The Help Of Her Best Friend And Seven Dwarves Maggie Enchants A Forest With A Blood Spell To Keep Them Hidden From The Evil Queen But The Queen S Army Of The Dead Are Immune To The Enchantment And Bypass Maggie S Protections Even Though Maggie Has Been Battle Ready Since The Day She Went Into Hiding, She Is Not Prepared For The Army Of The Dead Or Their Tainted Blades If Maggie Loses Her Fight, Not Only Will She Watch Those She Loves Die, But Her Life Force Will Be Sucked From Her Bones, And Her Magic Will Give The Queen The Ultimate Power To Enslave The World.

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    Dark magic has a price While all of the other witches and warlocks were slaughtered to fulfill the Queen s insidious plans, Maggie White, the last pureblood escapes and hides with the help of her best friend and the seven dwarves Maggie enchants a forest with a blood spell in order to keep them hidden from the Evil Queen, but it seems that the Queen s army of the undead is immune to the enchantment and are able to get past her protections Maggie is battle ready she has been since the day she went into hiding but she s definitely not prepared to fight the undead or for their tainted weapons If Maggie loses this fight, not only will she have to watch everyone she loves die, but she ll also have her lifeforce sucked from her bones And gaining Maggie s magic will give the Queen the power she needs to enslave the world.Snow is another of JE Taylor s Fractured Fairy Tales series She s done such an amazing job of taking our beloved fairy tales and ...

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