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How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art PDF Epub How To Shit In The Woods An Environmentally Sound Approach To A Lost Art Kathleen Meyer Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Despu S De Guiar A Cientos De Urbanitas Por R Os De Aguas Bravas, Kathleen Meyer Lleg A La Conclusi N De Que Evacuar Al Aire Libre Sin WC Rara Vez Es Una Habilidad Innata, Sino Un Procedimiento Complejo Que Demandaba Urgentemente Un Correcto Protocolo Esta Aleccionadora Revelaci N, Y El Consecuente Dominio Por La Autora De Tal Forma De Arte, Convirtieron C Mo Cagar En El Monte En Una Aut Ntica Biblia Campestre Y En Un Bestseller Internacional Que, Desde 1989, Recoge Las Mejores Maneras Para Que Los Seres Humanos Cumplamos Nuestros Requerimientos Fisiol Gicos De Un Modo Amable Y Respetuoso Con La Madre Naturaleza

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    First thing you can t be put off by the title This is another book that I picked up at a gun show and, honestly, I don t think I would have bought it in a normal bookstore The author isn t going for shock value she has a very humorous preface detailing the anguish she went through in trying to pick a title that conveyed her subject and the seriousness with which she treats her subject Meyer states that she felt that all euphemisms for doing your business were distracting and honestly unnecessary I disagree with most of what I hear from the greens but this book is actually useful and practical Meyer wrote it because in her own camping experiences she quickly saw that she and her city friends were pretty clueless when it came to taking care of one of the most basic human needs how to take a du...

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    This book can be summarized thusly Dig a hole for your shit, away from water or your camp If you can t dig a hole, put it in a baggie and pack it out Wash your hands The end She doesn t talk about the decomposition process, or give any supporting evidence for her methods, or even any handy tips for dealing with carrying around baggies of poo for a week She advocates peeing by sitting on a rock and then propping your feet up on another rock not a bad method, if you want to spend 20 minutes looking for appropriate rocks rather than just copping a squat All of this would be fine, I guess, except that then she gets into all this fear mongering bs a...

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    hope to learn how to pee in the woods without soaking my socks.

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    I have known of this book for 20 years and always been curious Of course, it is a rather limited audience, but for those of you who backpack, canoe camp, or otherwise hit the wilderness outside of pit toiletville, the topic of this book is really very serious and important Written in a friendly straightforward manner as evidenced by the author s carefully described argument as ...

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    This book is good in that the relevant information is sound, unfortunately the topic merits only a long magazine article The rest is padding.

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    Interesting and quite well written however, nothing i did not already know and or cautiously practiced.

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    Lots of stories Funny Enlightening Very useful Using a snowball on my ass might be the most realistic thing I d try for number 2 A stick sounds scary.

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    If you spend any time at all in the great out of doors, you ll need to know how to properly use the bathroom The author has researched all of the various methods packing it out, burying it, etc and has presented the results of her research in a clear, concise, and occasionally amusing book.I would NEVER have chosen to review this book But when my husband heard me laughing about the title, he assured me that the book was somewhat famous and purported to be highly amusing I didn t see anywhere listed that this was an audio book I would have never gotten an audio book I detest audio books So bear that in mind when reading this review.The author begins the book with the history of how the 3rd edition came to be a bit boring and why she thought this was the best title okay She then sets out to give her reasoning for writing the book with several amusing stories of people and their accidents She then proceeds to explain how and where to properly us...

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    Je m attendais un livre sur comment vivre dans les bois en g n ral, mais non, c est enti rement sur l art de chier dans la nature et rien d autre Mais on peut vraiment crire un livre entier sur le sujet Un livre qui fait r fl chir notre impact sur la nature en randonn e, et qui donne des bonnes id es pour le limiter.J ai deux reproches pour ce livre, qui font qu il ne m a beaucoup plus d abord le chapitre trop parano aque pour moi sur les risques mortels qu on court apparemment d s qu on randonne on finit par avoir l impression qu on va attraper une maladie mortelle d s qu on touche un arbre , et ensuite les longues listes de comparaisons de mat riel D abord beaucoup ne sont pas disponibles en Europe, mais surtout, l...

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    I didn t think an entire book on how to shit in the woods would be necessary, but this one has some good info in it and some funny stories I ve seen enough stupid stuff in the woods to know that people should read this book The book covers ideas for proper form, location, etiquette, ...

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