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The Paper Museum Reading The Paper Museum Author Andrew Graham Dixon Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Spare And Utterly Fresh In Their Point Of View, These Essays Were Written In Response To Notable Exhibitions Of Western Art That Appeared In Museums Across Europe Graham Dixon S Vision Is At The Service Of A Captivatingly Quirky, Prodigiously Cultivated Mind, Making Him One Of Britain S Most Talented Young Art Critics Photos Full Color Paintings.

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    Cunningly packaged as a paper museum, this book collects Andrew Graham Dixon s responses to art exhibitions in the 1980s and 1990s One might think that a book of short essays, taken from newspapers, might feel tedious or that responses to exhibitions from 20 years ago might feel stale, but Graham Dixon is such a brilliant writer and critic that I easily forgot that these were reprints, that these wonderful, brief meditations on artists were written in response to exhibitions I d never seen Alain de Botton s recent Art as Therapy wants to make art seem psychologically useful to people but although the intentions are good, de Botton s book deals with art in reductive and condescending ways The effect is deadening rather than enlivening.Graham Dixon s writing, on the other hand, is philosophical, insightful, intimate, and profound, and one never feels condescended to He writes movingly about Gericault, Matisse, and Morandi, among others, and I couldn t help but think that if one wanted to help people engage with art, Graham Dixon would be an excellent example to follow When I finished his extraordinary biography of Caravaggio, I concluded that I had never understood or appreciated a still life before in fact, I felt thrilled by the ones he touched upon and when I see a still life now I look at it with a new sense of eagerness Here, too, his analyses seem exciting, fresh, and deeply worthwhile, exactly the sorts of writing you d most hope to see next to paintings in brick and ...

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    This is a fabulous book by a brilliant writer and art critic Countless keen observations on some of the world s greatest artists.

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    A great book Next to Robert Hughes, and John Berger, Andrew Graham Dixon is one of my favorite critics He helps with the transition the historical significance to the contemporary mind set It s dense while still being accessible Graham Dixon s work is heightened by what may be referred to as a poetic soul He writes well about what beauty can be, and with his vivid prose, helps one put a higher value on aesthetic worth or what it can be I think he might have some religious bones in him, he s rocks a Jesus piece which helps explain his sensitivity In mushy things like art, it s comforting to see somebody else first, get gooey, so that we may follow suite, and feel comfortable, feel safe For Graham Dixon painting always has the potential for a transcendental sigh Good art always has at least a few things to say, and changes its sayings through time We go to books like this to teach us how to see better and how numerous the ways of perception are Hughes e...

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    I couldn t finished this book I thought it was poorly written, sounded conversational and the interpretations of the artwork wereabsurd.

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