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Universal versus Disney Universal Versus Disney Epub Author Sam Gennawey Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Universal Studios Never Really Wanted To Get Into The Theme Park Business They Wanted To Be The Anti Disney But When Forced To Do So, They Did It In A Big Way Despite The Fits And Starts Of Multiple Owners, The Parks Have Finally Gained The Momentum To Mount A Serious Challenge To The Walt Disney Company How Did This Happen Who Made It Happen What Does This Mean For The Theme Park Industry In Universal Versus Disney, His Newest Work To Investigate The Histories Of America S Favorite Theme Parks, Seasoned Disney Author Sam Gennawey Has Thoroughly Researched How Universal Studios Shook Up The Multi Billion Dollar Theme Park Industry, One So Long Dominated By Walt Disney And His Legacy.

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    This was a good read but a little bit of confused one The title is misleading, the book implies it is about the feud between Disney and Universal, but in actuality, the book is really about Universal s history in the theme park industry I enjoyed hearing about the conception of the rides and the various changes that occurred to the park I kept hoping the book would have been longer and in depth but no dice Overall, it was an interesting read I hope the author will ...

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    This book had a lot of potential I decided to read this in the hope that it would be a nice companion to Disney War, James B Stewart s 2005 book about Disney under Michael Eisner, since the book is marketed as an inside story of the rivalry This book is not what I hoped for Instead, this felt like a chronological history of Universal parks I was hoping for insider drama surrounding the race to create a studio themed park in Florida but this book barely scratched the surface.This book was published in 2014 and it already feels really out of date It discusses the Wizarding World expansion and does go into depth on the development of Islands of Adventure and the themed lands which I did find interesting The most shocking part of this book is how many of the creatives and executives who worked on these projects ended up being really bad people I won t go into too much detail but Gary Goddard is featured heavily and he is an absolute piece of human garbage and abuser of children by many accounts google him at your own risk I also found it interesting that Edgar Bronfman Jr., he...

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    I have a general philosophy about a Disney vacation Why leave property I take long vacations where I spend nearly all of my time if not all under the Disney umbrella But during my last trip I did discover that I could have some fun without being in the Disney zone at all times So I am beginning to ask myself if there might be things in the entrainment industry outside of Disney that I would consider sampling But would I ever consider visiting Disney s biggest theme park rival Universal vs Disney The Unofficial Guide to American Theme Parks Great Rivalry by Sam Gennawey details the foundation and expansion of Disney s theme park rival Universal s introduction to entertainment actually goes back to December 3, 1913, when Carl Laemmle opened his film studio to the public allowing them to see movies being made In 1915, Laemmle expanded his lot Universal Studio even further and began to stage a fake disaster for those who took the studio tour In 1958, Music Corporation of America MCA would purchase the Universal Studio lot and the studio tour would grow under the leadership of Lew Wasserman and his associates such as...

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    Very detailed history of the development of Universal Some comparisons to Disney and a timeline of their development Most of it was not what I was interested in so if it only were for me I d rate a little lower But well written and could be interesting to the right person.I ve never been to either Disney or Universal so that also affected it My main purpos...

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    This was a fantastically interesting read To see how Univeral studio developed its park from a studio tour to a theme park was really interesting The title is a little misleading, as the Disney point of view is a very minor point of this book It makes comparisons and at the end you are left with a distinct sense th...

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    Very, very dry Useful as a reference for the parks but a dull read.

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    I think this is a very interesting book, it details the history of Universal Studios Hollywood to the present.

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    There are a bazillion books about the history of Disney and those parks It was greatly refreshing to find a book on the Universal side of Theme park business.

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    A lot of people think that the world of theme parks begins and ends with Disney, and judging by the books you ll find in the travel section of most retailers, so do a lot of publishers Sam Gennawey s book does a great job of demonstrating this this just isn t so There s another giant in the theme park industry, and Sam introduces us to how it got to where it is today Much like his other recent book The Disneyland Story , Sam has written a concise and throughly researched history of the Universal Studios theme parks, providing a brief summary of the California studio prior to the Studio Tour, how the tour was developed and how it changed to meet the expectations of guests, and how the industrial tour in California developed into a true theme park The book also tells how Universal came to Orlando, and how competition led Universal to expand its offerings at both parks Sam has managed to capture the feel of a corporate culture that from the beginning was the antithesis of Disney s, and how that culture influenced the rides and shows Universal offered to the pub...

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    This did not turn out to be the book I expected I figured it would be a cute comparison of coasters and attractions between the two theme park giants Instead, author Sam Gennawey himself a planner specializing in Theme Parks takes us back to the very beginning in an eye opening look at the history between Universal and Disney.Universal Studios enjoyed much success and wanted to translate this into a tour of their Hollywood film base While Disneyland, Marineland and Knotts Berry Farm were enjoying much success on the theme park front Universal had no interest in this In fact, Walt Disney sent some of his best men to help Universal get their Hollywood tour off the ground.Things changed decades later in the 70 s when the monster attractions took off for Universal Jaws and King Kong They now saw ...

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